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Notre-Dame embodies millennia of French history, art and architecture. When it was almost lost to flames, France held its breath in horror — but why was this wave of grief felt so gravely across the Atlantic, too? American citizens agreed: with their donations, many sent heartfelt, personal notes.

Notre-Dame area sealed off in Paris as workers prepare to remove toxic lead

Michael Perry, a priest from Brooklyn who officiated annually at Notre-Dame in summer residence from to , drew a parallel with the shock Paris felt in September That church belongs to the whole world, and when people saw that it burned, they wept. In April, Vexo gave two charity concerts in Washington and San Francisco to raise money for the restoration.

Gargoyles, Notre Dame, a photograph by Adolphe Giraudon, ca. Door portal of Notre Dame, unknown photographer, ca.

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Gargolyes, unknown photographer, ca. Notre Dame, and St. Michael bridge, ca.

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Notre Dame, interior, coloured photograph, ca. Notre-Dame de Paris, by W. Horton and featured in his A Book of Images, — Source.

Notre Dame at twilight, a painting by Charles Guilloux, ca. Interior, a photograph by William Henry Goodyear, — Source. Notre Dame, a painting by Sylvius D. Paoletti, — Source. Notre Dame, a painting by Paul Signac, — Source.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris et son trésor

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A remarkable short, most likely staged, showing a stable on fire with horses being rescued and humans fleeing…. In the shadow of an unfinished City Hall, still clad in scaffolding, government authorities destroy confiscated opium in downtown San Fransisco, …. A collection of highly elaborate ornament prints, mostly in the grotesque style, from the collection of the Rijksmuseum — stunningly surreal and elaborate designs….

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire, live stream

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