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If You're a Student Buy this product Additional order info. Description For a two-semester or three-quarter calculus course covering single variable calculus for mathematics, engineering, and science majors. This text offers a superior teaching and learning experience. Reflects how students use a textbook —they start with the exercises and flip back for help if they need it. Organization and presentation of content facilitates learning of key concepts, skills, and applications.

The MyMathLab course for the text features: More than 7, assignable exerc ises to provide you with the options you need to meet the needs of students. Most exercises can be algorithmically regenerated for unlimited practice. Learning aids include guided exercises, additional examples, and tutorial videos.

You control how much help your students can get and when. The figures are also ideal for in-class demonstrations.

Interactive Figure Exercises provide a way for you to make the most of the Interactive Figures by including them in homework assignments. The addition of: Hundreds of new algorithmic exercises that correspond to those in the text. To help determine which exercises to add, we analyzed data mined from students using the MyMathLab course from the first edition. These exercises provide support for students in their first attempts at new and important problems.

More exercises that call for student manipulation and analysis of the Interactive Figures. Exercises that take advantage of the more sophisticated graphing functionality recently added to MyMathLab. A Conceptual Questions Library augments the text exercises to focus on deeper, theoretical understanding of the key concepts in calculus.

Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 2nd Edition

Integrated Review MyLab Math courses provide a full suite of supporting resources for the main course content plus additional assignments and study aids for students who will benefit from remediation. Assignments for the Integrated Review content are preassigned in MyLab Math making it easier than ever to create your course. The requirement that students provide units for real-world exercises e.

Answer-checking algorithms have been re-checked and refined where necessary. To address the growing use of video by students and instructors, we have greatly increased the number of instructional videos. Comprehensive exercise sets provide for a variety of student needs and are consistently structured and labeled to facilitate the creation of homework assignments.

Review Questions check that students have a general conceptual understanding of the essential ideas from the section. Basic Skills exercises are linked to examples in the section so students get off to a good start with homework. Applications present practical and novel applications and models that use the ideas presented in the section. Additional Exercises challenge students to stretch their understanding by working through abstract exercises and proofs.

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  5. When students flip back to the narrative for help with exercises, they find: Writing that reflects the voice of the instructor. Plentiful examples, each stepped-out in detail. Within examples, the steps are annotated in blue type to help students understand what took place in each step.

    Briggs, Cochran & Gillett, Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals | Pearson

    Figures that are designed to teach rather than simply supplement the narrative. The figures are annotated to lead students through the key ideas, and rendered using the latest software for unmatched clarity and precision. Quick Check exercises punctuate the narrative at key points to test understanding of basic ideas and encourage students to read with pencil in hand. Topics are introduced through concrete examples, geometric arguments, applications, and analogies rather than through abstract arguments.

    The Interactive Figures in the eBook provide a resource for instructors to help students visualize concepts where chalk or a marker falls short. The exercises that accompany the figures provide an opportunity for students to manipulate them as part of homework. Sequences and Series , the most challenging content in Calculus 2 for students, has been spread over two chapters to help clarify and pace it more effectively.

    Chapter 8, Sequences and Infinite Series, begins by providing a big picture with concrete examples of the difference between a sequence and a series followed by studying the properties and limits of sequences in addition to studying special infinite series and convergence tests. This chapter lays the groundwork for analyzing the absolute convergence for power series.

    Chapter 9, Power Series, begins with approximating with polynomials. Power series are introduced as a new way to define functions, building on one series by generating new series using composition, differentiation and integration. Taylor series are then covered and the motivation that precedes the section should make the topic more accessible. Guided Projects, available for each chapter, require students to carry out extended calculations e.

    New to This Edition. A thorough, cover-to-cover polishing of the narrative in the second edition makes the presentation of material even more concise and lucid.